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Whom we help

Respeito is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to preventing and reducing domestic abuse in the Portuguese-speaking community. 


We support survivors and vulnerable individuals from Portugal (and the Islands of Madeira and Azores), Brazil, Latin America, and African countries with Portuguese as the official language i.e. Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea- Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. 


Our services are free of charge and offered in the mother language for any Portuguese-speaking individual (+18) regardless of their nationality, age, gender or gender identity, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or faith within our cultural diversity.


We offer confidential services to help you cope with domestic abuse and its effects. We aim to reduce and prevent domestic abuse in the Portuguese-speaking community by raising awareness of its negative impact and by providing training, support and information to empower people to become agents for change. Whether you need counselling, legal advice, interpreting or wellbeing support, we are here for you. 


Our work focuses on the provision of services which work as: mitigation measures for survivors who were already struggling with domestic abuse; and preventive actions for domestic tension between household members.


One-to-one support

We offer one-to-one support for people who need practical help with issues such as housing, benefits, legal matters, immigration, safety planning and more.

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Educational workshops

We deliver educational workshops for adults and young people on topics such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, assertiveness, consent, gender equality and more.


Information and awareness

 We provide information in Portuguese relating to matters of domestic abuse, British law, interventions, prevention, run campaigns to raise awareness of domestic abuse and its impact in the Portuguese speaking community.


Portuguese Free Services Directory

Your essential guide for the Portuguese-speaking community to access free services and navigate financial challenges during a crisis.

One-to-one holistic approach

Service users may self-refer or be referred by specialist organisations through Respeito’s helpline or email. We provide information on, signpost and refer to other relevant advice services and sources of help in London where appropriate. 

Counselling service

We provide confidential and professional counselling for survivors of domestic abuse who need emotional support and guidance.

Family law consultation

We offer one free family law consultation for people who need legal advice on matters such as divorce, separation, child custody, child maintenance and more.

Logistical assistance

Form-filling, opening bank accounts, GP/healthcare appointments...

Financial Wellness Support

Information on social welfare, benefits, housing, debt management, household budget, energy saving... 

Interpreting and translating

We provide interpreting and translating services for people who need assistance with communication with other agencies or professionals.

referrals to specialist organisations

We connect with specialized organizations, ensuring they receive the precise support needed for their path to recovery.

We have no time limit to the provision of person-centred service. Our cases are closed either when the individuals rebuild their lives away from the perpetrators or decide not to continue the service or when they do not respond to contact. 

Preventive activities

We raise awareness and campaign to prevent domestic abuse in our community. We provide information in Portuguese to help you understand domestic abuse, British law and your rights. We also connect you with support and services in your community that can assist you further.

You are not alone. 


 Engage in meaningful conversations and connect with a supportive community in our forums. Share your experiences, find understanding, and seek advice from others who have faced domestic abuse.

Community Outreach Sessions

We bring our support directly to your community through our outreach sessions. These informative gatherings make it easier for survivors and their families to access essential resources. Connect with our compassionate team, ask questions, and get the assistance you need in a familiar and welcoming environment.


Empower yourself through our enriching workshops. These interactive sessions are designed to equip you with valuable skills and knowledge. From self-care strategies to understanding your legal rights, our workshops cover a range of topics aimed at helping you rebuild and thrive.

Awareness Events

These gatherings serve as a platform to not only learn about domestic abuse but also to stand together as a community. Together, we can break the silence, educate others, and work towards a world where domestic abuse is no longer tolerated.

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