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Community Guide for Portuguese Speakers


Respeito has developed this guide to assist Portuguese-speaking immigrants in accessing free services, in Portuguese language, and obtaining information related to social subsidies, health and well-being, support for victims of domestic abuse, immigration, cultural centers, as well as contact with the consulate of their country. The guide also provides tips on how to better manage and save your money during the cost of living crisis we are facing.

Respeito is a Charity dedicated to the reduction and prevention of domestic abuse within the Portuguese-speaking community in the UK. This guide is part of the project 'Safe Environment for Portuguese Speakers in Lambeth' and is funded by the Walcot Foundation. Our goal is to facilitate citizenship practices through information about rights and social services, as well as contribute to a safer environment for immigrant individuals and families.

Would you like to be part of or contribute to the content of this guide? Please contact us via email at:

Thank you for your interest in our work :)
Respeito’s team


Request an interpreter (in English: "Portuguese translator"). The operator will ask "Police or ambulance?" Ask for the police for cases of crime or ambulance for health emergencies. 24-hour service. In situations where speaking on the phone is a risk: dial 999 and press the number 55 after the call is answered. The operator will transfer your call without you needing to speak.

Support for Immigrant Women and/or Victims of Domestic Abuse

LAWRS - Latin American Women's Rights Service.jpg

LAWRS - Latin American Women's Rights Service

It provides support, information, and practical assistance to Brazilian women experiencing domestic or gender-based violence, such as sexual abuse and human trafficking. Services offered include safety planning, legal guidance, psychotherapy and emotional support, refuge, advice on subsidies, social assistance, and housing.

Service hours: Monday to Friday, from 11h to 13h Helpline: 0808 145 4909

LAWA - Latin American Women’s Aid or Support for Latin American Women.

It offers shelter services for victims of domestic violence (DV), counselling and assistance, psychological counselling, English classes, services for children and teenagers, and immigration counselling.

Service hours: 020 7275 0321 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm in Portuguese/English

LAWA - Latin American Women’s Aid or Support for Latin American Women..jpg
AMBE - Support for Brazilian Women Abroad.jpg

AMBE - Support for Brazilian Women Abroad

Works in partnership with the Consulate General of Brazil in London, offering support, protection, and coordination of services for Brazilian women in the UK.

Grupo Mulheres do Brasil - London Chapter:

Develops actions for welcoming, integration, and information for Portuguese-speaking women in the UK.

Grupo Mulheres do Brasil.png

MILA - Movement for Childhood Free from Abuse

Support for child victims of abuse. Guidance, assistance, and support when reporting.


IRMO - Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization

Offers: legal guidance, support for education, training, and job search assistance, social and cultural integration activities. English classes and creativity workshops for children and young people. Guidance for subsidy applications, immigration, and rights for Latin Americans and other Portuguese and Spanish speakers.

Service hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.

IRMO - Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization.jpg
LPWP - Lambeth Portuguese WellBeing Partnership.jpg

LPWP - Lambeth Portuguese WellBeing Partnership

It is a network of local groups and community members working together to improve the health and well-being of the Portuguese-speaking community in Lambeth.

Stockwell Partnership

Counseling and support with subsidies in Portuguese/English, budgeting support and financial education, as well as support in job search.

Stockwell Partnership.jpg
Portuguese Community Support Center.png

Portuguese Community Support Center

Offers free food through the distribution of groceries to registered members from Monday to Thursday.

Welwitschia Welfare Centre

Offers legal counseling services, family support service, immigration counseling, information, and advocacy for Portuguese-speaking African refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.

Welwitschia Welfare Centre.png
Screenshot 2024-04-16 172650.png

Latin American Disabled People’s Project - LADPP

Provides assistance to people with disabilities from Latin America, Europe, and Africa, whose first language is Spanish or Portuguese, as well as their caregivers, families, and communities. Offers services, projects, information, training, counseling, advocacy, social and cultural events.

Voades UK

A volunteering organization that promotes mental health and supports people experiencing emotional crises, helping them find paths and tools for happiness.

voades uk.png


lambeth Links.png

Lambeth Links

A support network for the LGBTQIA+ community in Lambeth. The organization aims to serve as a central point for mobilization, communication, and advocacy on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community living, working, and studying in the area.


A female solidarity group that promotes cultural and charitable initiatives within the Portuguese and Madeiran community in London.

Abraço Solidário Group

BREACC - Brazilian Educational and Cultural Association.png

BREACC - Brazilian Educational and Cultural Association

A nonprofit organization, created and maintained by volunteer parents, united by the preservation of the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture transmitted to their children.

CCBL - Brazilian Cultural Center in London

Encourages and brings together various activities with art as the spokesperson of culture. A productive space for the individual creativity of the Brazilian community.

MinA - Migrants in Action.png

MinA - Migrants in Action

Community theater program based in London, led by and for immigrant women from ethnic minorities, with a focus on the Latin American community.

A folkloric group that promotes cultural appreciation initiatives within the Portuguese and Madeiran community in London.

Grupo Típico Português

cultura cabo verde.png

Cultura Cabo Verde

Cultura Cabo Verde/UK offers courses in Traditional Cape Verdean Dance, Cape Verdean Creole language classes, and classes on History and General Culture about Cape Verde.

Consulate of your country

Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nor
brazilian consulate.png

Brazilian Consulate in london

For emergency actions such as: death, violence, and mistreatment, send an email with full name, date of birth, address, contact phone number, and a brief description of the issue to:

Consulate of Cape Verde in London

For emergency actions such as: death, violence, and mistreatment, send an email with full name, date of birth, address, contact phone number, and a brief description of the issue to:

Consulate of Cape Verde in London.png
Moçambique High Commission.png

Moçambique High Commission

For emergency actions such as: death, violence, and mistreatment, send an email with full name, date of birth, address, contact phone number, and a brief description of the issue to:


Honorary Consulate of São Tomé and Príncipe in London


Personal Finances

• Create a budget and keep track of weekly expenses
• Set clear financial goals and priorities.
• Monitor your daily spending. Research before making purchases, and look for discounts and promotions.
• Prioritize mindful purchases. Before buying, ask yourself: "Do I really need this?"

Food, clothing, and household items

  • Plan your weekly meals.

  • Shop with a list of needed items.

  • Keep an eye on your regular supermarket for discounted items on certain days of the week.

  • Get back into the habit of making minor repairs to old clothes. Refurbish, transform.

  • Browse clothes at thrift stores and charity shops. You'll find unique pieces of good quality at great prices. For clothes that are in good condition and that you no longer use, use clothing apps to sell them.

  • Consider buying other items second-hand at Charity Shops such as kitchen utensils, bedding, etc.

  • Search on your region's Marketplace (Facebook) pages where people donate furniture, baby clothes, toys, appliances, etc.

Water, Gas, and Electricity

  • Reduce the central heating temperature.

  • Close the radiators in unused rooms.

  • Wash clothes in water below 40°C.

  • Avoid taking baths. Use the shower and take shorter baths.

  • Turn off electrical appliances from the switches.

  • Use energy-efficient bulbs such as LED or CFL.

  • Note: If you are a resident of Lambeth, the council offers a free Electricity Saving Kit, consisting of LED bulbs, window insulation tape, and radiator reflector panels. With this kit, you can save up to £240 per year on your energy bill.

  • Visit the link to see where to collect your kit:


Other support

Lambeth Council

If you need information related to Lambeth Council, such as local services, elections, neighborhood issues, or the representation of the Lusophone community in public policies discussed and approved in the Council, Councillor Diogo Costa, who is a Portuguese speaker and representative of our community in the local government, can assist you.


Cllr Diogo Costa

lambeth lader.png

Lambeth Larder

Lambeth Larder is a social enterprise that helps connect the economically disadvantaged local population with access to food services, financial guidance, and mental health support. The Lambeth Larder Directory provides a list of groups and services in Lambeth that offer access to food distribution, low-cost meals, citizen support centres, and mental well-being support on an individual or workplace level.

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