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Respeito is based on the principles of Equality, Human Rights and Social Integration and we are committed to unrestricted equity, diversity and inclusion in all circumstances. Fighting against domestic abuse is fighting for equality. 

Why do we do it

“I want an organisation that represents me, that listens to me. Living in London it is essential to have an organisation like Respeito as a starting point to lead in this work and to support women in our community”. AR

The Portuguese-speaking community is described as law-abiding, hard-working, respectful, family-orientated, entrepreneurial and ‘joyful’. They have a shared love of food and conviviality and a strong religious commitment. However, sections of the Portuguese-speaking community are at a great disadvantage due to a range of complex factors such as socio-economic, education, language barriers and limited cultural understanding of the community they live in. This section of the community is at greater risk of health and wellbeing inequalities.

Domestic abuse consistently has been identified in all the research carried out as an issue for the Portuguese-speaking community. Due to language barriers and the stigma attached to domestic abuse many people experiencing it do not get the information and support they need, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.  After months of consultation with community leaders and survivors of domestic abuse, we were moved to act and formed Respeito. We aim to break the barriers and fill the gap in the provision of targeted services.

Our mission

To reduce and prevent domestic abuse in the Portuguese-speaking community living in the UK. 

Our Vision

To support, empower, inform and enable Portuguese-speaking families and individuals in the UK to build safer and happier lives, one person at a time. 

Meet our Team

Respeito is composed of two managing directors, who are responsible for the running and the development of the organisation and a Board of Directors/Trustees who support the directors and oversee the good governance of the Charity.

Executive Team

Maria João M. Nogueira 

Operations, Partnerships and Client Support Director

Vanda Maeda 

Admin. Coordinator

Juliana Rondon

Strategy and Organisational Development Director

Gabriel Leal

Service & Strategy Designer

Fátima Teixeira

Client Support Worker 


Catia Soares


Cecilia Lopez Cortazzo


Gustavo Meixner

Welfare Consultor

Board of Trustees 


Articles of Association

Cookie policy

Safe Guarding policies adults

Privacy policy

Safe Guarding policies children

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